We speak body, mind & community.
We are diverse, we are local, we are a crew.
Our Body language is universal and is a channel for self expression.


Unites a community of individuals who inspire a positive, active and healthy lifestyle. Our #bodytribe celebrates diversity, self expression and wellness.

What our #bodytribe does

Shares our brand story and product through social posts.
Models our collections from studio to street & is excited to tell people where they got it & why they love it!
Always tags us @blsportswear so friends & followers know where to find us!


Apply to be a part of our #bodytribe and once approved we will provide you with your own personal offer that will include.
Body Language outfits & gifting love!
A unique discount code for yourself and for your clients, followers, friends and family.
Affiliate marketing opportunities, so you can earn from your efforts on the latest influencer marketing platforms!