Believer is a word that has taken on a significant and special meaning for the entire team at BodyLanguage Sportswear. A series of unfortunate, unexpected events spiraled BodyLanguage Sportswear into near collapse, we were forced to dig deep and take an honest look at our company, what we stand for, and most importantly what we as an organization believe in. It was an incredibly uniting moment for us when we collectively concluded that we have something special to offer, and that we would fight with all we’ve got to ensure that potential was realized. Humbled by our experiences, we half jokingly called ourselves “The Believers,” and it stuck. We remind ourselves daily, especially in our most trying of moments, where we have come from, and where we believe we can go. We believe that focus, hard work, selflessness, commitment and a smile can go a long way towards accomplishing your dreams. To pay homage to this word with special meaning to us, we decided to unite a group of like-minded individuals who have their own interpretation of what it means to be a “Believer”. We will be continually inviting individuals, who we feel serve as an inspiration to others to live a positive, active and healthy lifestyle, and feature them on our website. There they will have the opportunity to share with everyone their own story and set of beliefs that help them achieve their goals and dreams, in hopes to perpetually inspire the rest of us, to continue to dig deep and live life to our fullest potential. We call this special group our “BELIEVERS” and we encourage you to join the movement.